Weekly Group Hypnosis with Joshua Wagner: Certified Hypnotist

Join Joshua Wagner: Certified Hypnotist for an Inspiring Hypnosis Community Event: A live hypnosis session on Zoom with Joshua Wagner, other people interested in hypnosis, and YOU!


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Joshua Wagner: Certified Hypnotist

Joshua Wagner has been helping people like you who feel stuck now find a new freedom and happiness for over 15 years.. Joshua is a certified hypnotist through the prestigious Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy in Toronto, Ontario‚Äč


"This experience has been life changing! Josh unlocked my unconscious mind, allowing me to explore some hidden unresolved issues. One session, that’s all it took. Today my anxiety is lessened, I’ve found my sparkle again and was able to put to rest the previously unaddressed emotions resulting from my father’s death four years ago. Josh taught me some techniques that have become beneficial in the start of each day for me AND my family. Ask Josh about tapping (EFT) as well as simple breathing techniques. I look forward to our next session. THANK YOU JOSH!"


Columbus, Ohio